The Difference Between Gift Baskets and Gift Towers

chocolate gift towers and baskets

Chocolate is the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you are celebrating the holiday season, a major milestone in life, or if you just want to let someone know how much you care, a tasty chocolate treat is always ideal. At Totally Chocolate, we can help you transform any sweet chocolate gift into something that is truly one of a kind. We offer a number of gourmet custom options for a huge selection of our gift items, so you can find plenty of ways to put a personal spin on your unique chocolate gift! One of the most popular chocolate gift options is gift baskets and gift towers. What is the difference between these two?

The Difference Between Gift Baskets and Gift Towers

Totally Chocolate is the premiere choice when it comes to creating the perfect luxury custom chocolate gift. With our help, you can transform a sweet treat for someone special into a memorable gift that they’ll cherish and enjoy. Our custom engraved chocolate treats let you send a personal message or add a custom logo or image with any gift. Our selection of quality premium chocolate treats are superior in both quality and taste, so you can rest assured that your gift will be enjoyed by everyone! Totally Chocolate has a gift option for any occasion or event, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is your guarantee for first rate quality and taste.

Some of our most popular gift options happen to be our gift towers and gift baskets. Each basket and tower contains some of our most preferred treats like our gourmet salted caramels and a delightful chocolate cookie selection. There is something for everyone to enjoy in a gift tower or gift basket, but there are a few key differences between these items to keep in mind when creating your custom gift with Totally Chocolate. Although they contain a similar selection of items, the gift tower and gift basket are different in a few ways. To help you find the ideal gift for your needs, take a look at some of the key differences between these preferred chocolate gift packages from Totally Chocolate.

Chocolate Gift Towers

chocolate gift tower

At Totally Chocolate, we take a lot of pride in our ability to curate a fantastic selection of gourmet chocolate treats into the perfect gift for all occasions. With our special gift towers, you can always expect to get a selection of our highest quality and best loved treats in every package. We have an amazing assortment of items from cookies to solid premium chocolate bars featured in each of our gift towers which are built for all occasions. Whether you are celebrating the holiday season with a premium candy cane gift tower, or you just want to surprise someone with an indulgent winter themed treat, Totally Chocolate has ready made gift towers perfectly suited to your needs.

Each one of our gourmet chocolate gift towers has been created with a certain theme in mind. Customers can choose between a number of packaging and product options in our selection of pre-made gift towers. You can rest assured that each gift tower features the very best chocolate gift items we have to offer! There are plenty of quality options to choose from in our gift tower selection. For the upcoming Christmas season we have some special candy cane themed options to help bring that holiday flavour to any gift. We also feature a great selection of cookie, caramel and chocolate combinations in our two and three level gift towers. Each gift tower also features some of our most beautifully designed chocolate packaging which adds to the elegance of any gift. When you need a superior quality and ready made gourmet chocolate gift, be sure to take a look at our wonderful selection of tasty chocolate gift towers!

Chocolate Gift Baskets

chocolate gift bsaket

For those looking for a truly unique gift, Totally Chocolate’s handmade gift baskets are the very best choice. Unlike our gift towers with pre-made themes, a handmade gift basket offers plenty of custom options so you can build the ideal gift for the person you have in mind. Customers can choose to fill their handmade baskets with any number of delicious chocolate treat options from our peppermint delights to our salted caramels and everything in between. These gift baskets make the perfect personal gift for anyone who enjoys quality, gourmet chocolate treats. You can layer each gift basket to create a perfectly tiered selection of treats. Starting with our solid 2lb custom engraved chocolate bar on the bottom, followed by some delightful, custom selected cookies, and topped with some scrumptious salted caramels! Each custom gift basket comes with our executive custom selection of treats and gourmet chocolates, so you can be sure your basket will feature the very best Totally Chocolate has to offer!

In addition to the numerous custom chocolate options included with each handmade gift basket, you can choose from a series of quality eye-catching packaging options to put that extra special custom twist on your gift. Each luxury custom tasting basket is fully customizable from inside out. Whether you want to say thank you so a certain someone, celebrate a major milestone like a new engagement or a graduation, or if you just want to make a lasting impression on a new client or corporate partner, there is an ideal custom chocolate gift basket waiting to be created at Totally Chocolate!

When it comes to our ready made gift towers and our custom handmade gift baskets, the only thing you need to keep in mind is how unique you want your gift to be. With a gift tower suited to any theme or occasion, and with the huge selection of custom options available for our hand made gift baskets, you really can’t go wrong when you choose to create a sweet gourmet gift with Totally Chocolate. Our luxury and executive custom chocolate gift options ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy. This holiday season, be sure to include a luxury gift tower or gourmet custom handmade gift basket for the special someone on your list!

To learn more about our amazing selection of gift towers and custom gift baskets, or to browse our complete selection of tasty chocolate gifts for all occasions, be sure to visit the Totally Chocolate website. You can also contact one of our helpful online support staff via our website to help you find the ideal custom chocolate gift for your needs. No matter what item you choose, you can always count on superior quality and taste from Totally Chocolate! Contact us, or visit our website today to get started on creating the perfect chocolate gift today!

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