Edible CPA Gift Ideas for Tax Preparer & Accounting Clients


Some people are harder to buy gifts for than others. Accountants usually fall into that tricky category—maybe because they are often both discerning and particular. They have an eye for detail and a distaste for anything wasteful or inefficient.

That’s exactly why edible accountant gifts from Totally Chocolate might just be the perfect present for any accounting clients you have during Tax Time!

Top Totally Chocolate CPA Gifts

Here are some fun options that are sure to please those wonderful ledger lovers.

Logo Chocolate Cookie Gift Boxready-gift-chocolate-SHX320420X-bite-back-at-the-irs-milk-chocolate-sugar-cookie-featured

In this 24-cookie gift box, you can customize the cookie with your logo and choose from three types: sugar, chocolate or oatmeal cookie. Each comes topped with your choice of rich premium Belgian milk or dark custom chocolate.

You can even customize the packaging with a design of your choice. We can even print a complicated math problem if you really want to impress the accountant in your life! Get yours here

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“Bite Back at the IRS with a 1040 Tax Form Milk Chocolate Barready-gift-chocolate-SHX220030T-irs-1040-deluxe-milk-chocolate-bar-1

A total crowd pleaser (if the crowd is full of tax clients, that is)! This clever chocolate bar will appease anyone who deals with the IRS at tax return time. The high quality, delicious Belgian milk chocolate will be a delectable treat, and watching the 1040 tax form disappear bite by bite is guaranteed to bring on a feeling of complete satisfaction, especially if your clients face a large IRS bill! To order, visit this page

Also available in mini chocolate bar and individual chocolate covered cookie formats.

CPA, Dollar Sign or EA gold chocolate coinsCPA Milk Chocolate Coin in Gold Foil Gift Giveaway

Perfect for sprinkling some chocolate love to your clients. Entice them by giving a few with their appointment card and a few for their visit to your office to complete their tax return. They are definitely more delicious (and more effective) than dangling a carrot!

Our milk chocolate coins come with Enrolled Tax Agent, CPA, or a dollar sign engraved into them, and each comes wrapped in gold foil. Because really, who doesn’t love gold coins (that you can eat)? These unique chocolate gifts can be found here 

Not an accountant? These also make great gifts for accountants as well. So if you’re looking to say thanks to your CPA this year, we are sure they would love some tasty chocolate after a long, stressful tax season!

At Totally Chocolate, we seek out and use only the finest, top quality ingredients. We value taste and customer satisfaction above all else and work with our clients to ensure they leave feeling satisfied.

We know how important it is to find the perfect gift and that’s why we specialize in creative, customized chocolates and packaging.

If you are searching for a fun, exciting and top quality present for the brilliant number crunchers you know, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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