Dazzle with Custom Chocolate Draped in Silver and Gold

We all know that chocolate is a great way to show friends, family, and other loved ones that we care. However, this sweet gift can also be put to use in the corporate world to build business relationships and market your company in cocoa-covered fashion. And now, you have more options than ever to WOW! your clients and colleagues with Totally Chocolate’s new Xerox Iridesse® Production Press. Here’s everything you need to know:

A Touch of Silver & Gold

Our team at Totally Chocolate is excited to announce a new addition to the family: the Xerox Iridesse® Production Press. This cutting-edge technology delivers more capabilities than ever in the world of digital printing. With an innovative six-colour print engine, the packaging of your custom chocolate gifts can feature lustrous gold and silver metallics. Not only that, but this new technology delivers a higher quality print, a larger spectrum of colour, and a smoother gradient alongside the dazzling metallic blends.

What This Means For Your Business

Now, we know what you’re thinking. That all sounds fantastic but what does this all mean for me and my business? We’re glad you asked! The Xerox Iridesse® Production Press means that you have more opportunities to impress your chocolate gift recipients. Whether you’re using custom chocolate gifts to entice new clients, maintain relationships with existing ones, or simply broaden the scope of your marketing efforts, all is made that much more dazzling with this new technology. Here are a few ways we think these metallic touches can be put to good use:

1. Logos

The most successful brands have memorable logos. Even without the company name, a logo should be instantly recognizable and unique to the company they represent. To make a lasting impression, our new Xerox Iridesse® printer can create shiny metallic swatches that truly stand out. So, if you’re looking to shine through the competition, a touch of gold and silver on your branding might just be the solution your business has been searching for. Not only will your brand stand out, but it will also be equal parts memorable and delicious. Chocolate dressed in silver and gold – what gets better than that?

2. Holiday Cheer

The song “Silver and Gold” is a winter staple for a reason. This holiday season, you can bring even more cheer into your custom chocolate gifts with the metallic wonder of our new printer. Dress your chocolate gifts in packaging worthy of the holiday season. With silver and gold touches, your gift recipients will be wonderstruck by your thoughtfulness and commitment to theme.

3. Business Marketing

More and more businesses are discovering the power of customized chocolate as a marketing tool. The wonderful thing about it is that chocolate never goes out of style. No matter the season, be it summer or winter, chocolate is craved every day of the year. And with our high quality, customizable chocolate, and innovative printing technology, you can create a marketing plan that’s memorable, sensory, and delicious.

Whether you want to hand out sweet treats at conferences and business events, do worldwide giveaways through social media, or engage in a little customer appreciation and send out “thank you” gifts to clients, our custom chocolate bars can unite new and old connections effectively. We can print your logo straight onto the chocolate bar of your choice and wrap it in beautiful custom packaging finished with touches of metallic gold and silver. Now that’s a sweet marketing plan.

Try It For Yourself

Are you ready to dazzle friends, family, colleagues, and clients? Our team at Totally Chocolate can bring the “WOW!” factor to your events with custom chocolates draped in silver and gold. From sweet gifts to strategic marketing plans, there’s no better way to show people you care than with custom chocolate treats. With our brand-new Xerox Iridesse® Production Press, the creative possibilities are truly endless. We can’t wait for you to experience the wonder for yourself!

Samples From The New Xerox Iridesse® Production Press

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