Benefits of Corporate Gifting: Why Advertise With Custom Chocolate

why advertise with chocolate

Corporate gift giving is a tradition as old as time itself. And today, the psychological effects of this have been studied only to show what people long ago already knew: giving a thoughtful gift creates positive associations with you or your brand and it also creates lasting memories that not only feel good for years to come.

It’s also about creating an emotional connection with your prospective or current clients that always makes them choose you over the competition. If that’s not a great way to foster client loyalty and boost retention rates, few things are.

So, without further ado, in this article, we delve into the benefits of corporate gifting—especially with personalized and custom chocolate—and we help you navigate the choppy waters of corporate gifting with our list of easy to follow tips and tricks. Let’s get started!

3 Great reasons to advertise with custom chocolate

As a specialist chocolatier that focuses on business gift giving, we know all too well the power of a thoughtful and meaningful gift in corporate environments, especially corporate chocolate gifts. 

Apart from their universally loved nature, these delectable gifts can help your business stand out from the crowd in a noisy space.

Here are just a few reasons to consider corporate chocolate gifts.

1. Elevate your brand in a competitive landscape

Your brand is what everyone else sees your business as. You’ve taken years to build it and sustain it through consistent marketing efforts. And that’s how you are identified in the public domain.

If you are a brand that’s socially-conscious or likes giving back to the community, this will come through in your communication. But a greater way to do this is through custom chocolate gifts. While your competitors may be preparing their branded pens and mugs as corporate gifts, you’ll be miles ahead of them with customized chocolate gifts.

These irresistible treats come in a variety of flavors, including dark, white, and milk chocolate and the premium nature of our cocoa means you and your corporate clients get a gift that’s of high quality. Something that they will appreciate and always associate with your brand.

2. Personalize your chocolate packaging to make your brand stand out

There’s an old saying that half of the value of a gift lies in how it is presented. And that’s where you’ll never go wrong with personalized chocolate packaging that has your brand’s logo and colors on it.

What’s more is that it goes beyond the packaging. In fact, you can also have your company logo on chocolate gifts, meaning that every time your clients take a tasty bite out of our irresistible chocolate, they’ll have positive associations and favorable memories of your brand.

3. A delightfully sweet way to get referrals

Of course, once you have entered the hearts and minds of your clients with your irresistible and personalized chocolate gifts, you may be surprised to find out that your gifts are an excellent source of referrals.

When customers love your brand, what you stand for, and your thoughtful attention to detail by giving them personalized chocolate gifts, they’re much more likely to want to share their positive experiences with others, which means more business for your company.

Tips and tricks for a memorable branded gift

And now, as promised, we share our tips and tricks for creating a super memorable and branded gift for your prospective and existing corporate clients. 

1. Consider the recipient’s personality and interests

It’s important to be considerate of your clients and for this, you need to get to know them, their personality, and interests quite well so that you can tailor your gifts to them beautifully.

2. Be inclusive

Make sure that your gift is inclusive. This means that it needs to be able to cater to a broad range of individuals and interests, and that’s where personalized chocolate absolutely shines as the perfect gift.

3. Be consistent in your brand usage

Whether it’s your brand logo, colors, or messaging, make sure that there is consistency in your branding efforts, including the gifts you’re giving. However, with this in mind, it’s also important that you do not overbrand your gifts. A subtle branding effort will go a long way over an overbranded item that will feel too “sales-y”.

4. Emphasize your brand values to the gift recipient

Here, you can tell your story with unique brand messaging. And with an engraved chocolate message, your gift will be an absolute hit.

5. Customize and personalize your gift

Speaking of engraving chocolate, it’s important to customize and personalize your gift. This starts with the engraving of your special message on the chocolate and ends with the presentation, which is the packaging.

6. Choose quality over quantity

You may wish to purchase gifts in bulk, but the chances of diluting your gift giving intentions is quite high. That’s why focusing on high-quality premium chocolate is the best option.

7. Choose a recyclable or consumable gift

With environmental consciousness at the forefront of many gift giving efforts, choosing something that will not be thrown into a landfill is a great idea. That’s where chocolate comes in as a consumable gift that will create positive associations with the recipient and will ensure that there are no wasted resources that harm the environment.

8. Focus on the presentation but avoid overbranding

As mentioned before, it’s important to focus on how your gift looks when it’s wrapped up beautifully. However, when wrapping, make sure you do not overbrand at the risk of sending the wrong message to your recipient.

9. Choose local suppliers

Supporting local businesses is another great idea when choosing corporate chocolate gifts because you’re not only creating local job opportunities and helping small businesses thrive, but you’re also being sustainable and acting ethically. A move your clients will absolutely respect and love.

10. Build memorable associations

Very few gifts out there create more positive, favorable, and memorable associations than chocolate does. Whether it’s dark, milk, or white chocolate, it’s an irresistible temptation that is hard to ignore.

11. Plan ahead

Finally, make sure that you plan your chocolate corporate gift-giving in advance so that your gift arrives at the right time. Whether it’s on the day of an important client milestone or a special holiday or occasion, make sure to take shipping times and seasonal demands into account.

Concluding thoughts

There are numerous important benefits of corporate gift giving, among which include memorable associations with your brand, which stands head and shoulders above the competition.

To ensure you give the ultimate corporate gift, consider high-quality, premium, and utterly irresistible chocolate that your customers will remember for years to come. When it comes to options, you have many to choose from in our wide chocolate selection.

Make sure to browse through our corporate chocolate gifts and give one of the most memorable and personalized gifts possible.

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