10 Popular Client Appreciation Gifts and Ideas

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One of the things that people are learning these days is that no one can do it alone and that it’s nice to say thank you (in a creative and meaningful way) to those who support us. If you are anything like us, you are super grateful for your clients.

So how are you going to show your client appreciation? We snooped around and got creative and have compiled 10 very wonderful client appreciation gifts and ideas (Disclaimer: some involved chocolate).

Ten Popular Client Appreciation Gift Ideas

1. Social Media Shout Out

If you have taken the time to build your social media presence, you know how valuable the right tag at the right time can be. Why not show your clients some love and highlight a client a week with a nice shout out? Social media is an excellent way to spread the word about how amazing your clients are. And if they have a business you admire, all the better — their followers become your followers and everybody wins.

2. Donate to a Worthy Cause

There are plenty of charities that could use a boost these days, so why not pay your client appreciation forward? You can choose something that makes a difference in your local community, or give your clients the choice between a few reputable charities so they can direct the funds to a cause that means something special to them. Making a donation in your client’s name is a simple, thoughtful, and meaningful action that really shows how much you care about the bigger picture.

3. Send Personalized Chocolates

You can have a message laser engraved onto some high-quality milk or dark premium chocolate — a significant date, a meaningful quote, a holiday message, or your logo. The sky is the limit! Then you can send this delicious treat or hand them out to your clients if you have a store. Chocolate is a universal treat that basically no one on earth can resist and nothing says I appreciate you like high-quality chocolate.

4. A Hand Written Note

We turn back the clock here and invite you to handwrite a note. You can create and print some sweet cards and inside practice your cursive with a nice (legible) message and signature. Taking the time to say thank you in this way really shows that you have the time and effort for your clients that they’ve had for you. Bonus idea: you can include a custom engraved individually wrapped chocolate with each!

5. Giveaways

With social media and/or email lists, giveaways are a cheap and cheerful way to spread some excitement and client appreciation. You can create a custom gift basket (with chocolate perhaps), create a bundle of products and gift cards for services, or whatever best represents your brand. There are a few ways to go about it, have a live draw for one lucky client or give away a small gift every day in December.

6. VIP Treatment

Everyone loves some VIP access! For those clients, you really appreciate (or those that have joined your email list), consider putting together a one night pop up shop, or hold after-hours shopping for an exclusive clientele. You can roll a few of these ideas into one — with giveaways, custom chocolate treat bags at the door, and a whole evening to really make your clients feel special.

7. Loyalty Program

Offer your clients a chance to gain more, the more they spend with you. A tiered points system that rewards your loyal customers shows that you appreciate your clients as much as they appreciate you. You can have exclusive incentives or they can build points over time but it’s a great way to show your clients that you care.

8. Flash Sales

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? You can show your loyal customers that you appreciate them by sending a discount code for a one-day flash sale — this will not only build loyalty, but it will give your clients a break. You can offer these out of the blue by having an annual event during the holidays or for your business’ anniversary.

9. Partner Up With Clients

Do you have clients who also have a business, product or service that you like? Why not go in it together and collaborate on an exclusive product, event, or mashup of some kind. Interesting partnerships can double the audience and help both parties gain new business, and it shows that you are an engaged owner interested in seeing your clients succeed, too.

10. Send a Thank-you Video

Thank you’s that come straight from the top go a long way in the art of client appreciation. It doesn’t have to be fancy with a full lighting kit and professional editing, in fact, the sometimes the more humble the better! A short and sweet video that captures how much you appreciate your supportive clients and that shows your human side helps create connections and keeps your clients coming back for more.


The bonus thing about showing your clients how much you appreciate them is that it serves you and other businesses well. Lots of people are willing to support local or independently owned businesses, and even more likely when they know that the owners/operators are engaged with their clients and are supporting each other, too.

Depending on your business and what type of clients you have, you might have come up with some creative ideas of your own. We’d love to hear about them also if you need help with selecting client appreciation gifts, please contact us.

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